Walking along the lower Don river

These days, I stay in all day, often days in a row without even opening my front door. I only come out for the Japanese classes in the JCCC where I am volunteering, and to buy some food when I have nothing left. But from time to time, I go stir-crazy, and feel like a walk. Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk along the lower Don river, one of my favourite walks. There are very few high buildings along the way, and therefore, the GPS is pretty reliable.
Although I thought abut it, I didn't stop at Todmorden Mills this time. I decided to concentrate more on the river, just in case I would see the salmon run. I did, but unfortunately, there was no running. All the salmon I saw were dead.
The Don river is obviously a difficult river to conquer for fish that hope to spawn, but it is nevertheless fascinating to see these majestic fish in this urban environment. Posted by Picasa


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