Trousse pour sains personnels?

As you know, I am a programmer.
Not one of those "highly skilled, highly educated specialist professional and ultra arrogant expertologists" of the current generation that don't even know the difference between a bit and a byte, but an old fashioned programmer of the first pre-IBM desktop microcomputer generation. We had no career planning, no where-I-want-to-be-in-five-years goals, no SUV-and-high-maintenance-bitch dreams, and we used no unintelligible lingo. In other words, we couldn't care less about our "professional image'. We did however have a simple goal: to use computers to their fullest, and to make sure they were reliable.

Our type of zeal does not only apply to computers, but it applies to any field of human endeavour. Language, for example. A while ago, when shopping in the Dominion on Toronto's Gould Street, I couldn't help but notice this fascinating "Trousse pour sains personnels".

No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. The rotating light of a police car might distract a driver and make him cause an accident. A lonely mosquito in an operating theatre may cause the surgeon to forget his scalpel while closing up his patient. A screaming boss might cause the programmer to forget a minus sign and hence send the rocket into deep space instead of to the moon. But, what could possibly cause people with even the most mediocre of skills to let this type of thing slip by?

I truly wonder what type of language/printing/advertising/... "professionals" one needs to come up with this type of phrase. They must be true geniuses. Posted by Picasa


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