The Rectory Caf?

From Centre Island, we walked further West to Ward's Island.

The goal was to eat something in the Rectory Caf?. I had phoned them beforehand, to be sure they would be open. Great was my surprise when I found them closed. The problem was simple: the house I thought I recognized, was not the Rectory Cafe, it was the one just East of it. The Rectory Caf? is well indicated, something I seemed to have forgotten.

It is important to make sure they are open before you go. During the summer season (June 1 to October 11) , they are open every day from 10 am to 10 pm, but outside that period, their opening hours are more patchy. Better be safe than sorry and phone ahead. In winter, they are the only establishment that is open on the Islands.

It speaks for itself that we ate something here. Ronald had a glass of Canadian white wine, and because of the heat, I drank a pint of beer in spite of my usual reluctance to drink anything alcoholic. It was just too nice. It was quiet, warm, just a beautiful summer's day, except that it was obviously still spring.


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