Hanlan's Point

Here, we are at the South side of Hanlan's point. On a clear day, it is possible to see the United States from this side of the Island.

This is a place where I don't come very often, since I usually go to Ward's Island (albeit mostly in the fall), but it is quite restful nevertheless. For reasons I do not quite comprehend, it was a lot noisier than I anticipated. I normally go to the Islands because they are so quiet. Today however, there were small airplanes and big yachts all the time. To make it worse, the Island park people were preparing the touristic season mowing grass, reparing things all over the place, driving around with trucks and the like. In spite of the noise however, it was very obvious that this is a nice place where silence can be expected at better times.

The worst part for me was the sun. Since I always bring the small Fujitsu laptop to work (my officeless office), I need a place in the shade because it is otherwise not possible to see what is on the screen. Obviously, that is why I made going to Ward's Island into a habit. There are more trees there...


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