Welcome to Toronto

Today, I have collected Ronald at the airport. Ronald is a presenter of Wereldnet, the Dutch radio program broadcasted on VPRO of which I am a correspondent. He is here to make a program about me. The plan was to go by public transportation to show him how it works, but he had too much heavy luggage so we took a limo to the hotel.

After that, we went to Koreatown for a nice Korean dinner. Korean food is not yet particularly popular in Toronto, and that is a pity. It is truly delicious. I like simple dishes in which I can easily see and taste the different ingredients. If they are visually appealing as well, that is definitely a plus, but since I have to eat them, taste is definitely my priority.

In this case, I chose kimchee fried rice, my number one favourite dish. It is such a simple dish that it is often not even mentioned in the menu. Luckily, there is no such thing as Korean food without rice and kimchee, so there is also no such thing as a Korean restaurant where this cannot be had.

I have done my best to keep Ronald up for a while, since that is the best way to avoid problems due to the time difference.


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