Gulls at clothing optional beach

In my view, the people that can be seen in the distance are either the bravest of the brave, or just fools. Bathing in water so close to a gull colony is, I think, asking for trouble. On the other hand, I was probably asking for trouble as well, since this is the clothing optional beach of Hanlan's Point. I knew of it, but I had no idea of where it was. Now I do. Strangely enough, the presence of a camera made them nervous. But that seems to be one of the very few negative and strange positions of Canadians in general: They seem to be afraid of being in a picture, and many are really hysterical about it. Quite strange for a country where tourism is an important source of revenue. So, here are people who are not afraid of bathing in what must be a salmonella breeding ground, but who are afraid of being in an innocent picture. A tribute to human irrationalism.


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